Parent Education and Support


Dr. Conway specializes in helping parents who don’t see eye-to-eye on their parenting styles so that they can work together as a team to enjoy the partnership of parenting their children. She does this with humor, compassion, and in a supportive and non-judgmental manner.

Dr. Conway has over 30 years of experience providing effective parenting strategies to parents whose children:

  • Struggle with focus of attention
  • Struggle with impulse control issues
  • Are “sensitive” in nature
  • Have difficulty following directions
  • Are argumentative when expected to follow guidelines for screen time
  • Have separation anxiety
  • Have school anxiety
  • Have difficulty making and maintaining friendships
  • Have fears and phobias
  • Argue when it is time to do homework
  • Demonstrate sibling rivalry to the extent that it has a negative impact on family members

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