“I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Karen Conway over the past several years. Her diagnostic reports are well written, she is thorough, and provides a “spot on” opinion with regard to diagnosis. Her detailed recommendations enable children to obtain the supportive services and accommodations they need in a timely manner. Over the years, Dr. Conway and I have shared many patients together. Parents all over the city reflect that they are thankful for her effectiveness and professionalism. School districts enjoy working with her and seeking her expertise. Some doctors do not listen to the wants or needs of the patient, but Dr. Conway does. She is respectful and clearly interested in the client-clinician relationship which is a rare quality these days.”

Susan M. Fosnot, Ph.D

“I have known Dr. Conway for many years now and she really knows her stuff. She is a bright light guiding parents to use effective parenting strategies so they can raise children who are bright, competent, and respectful. With compassion and a sense of humor, she helps parents understand the reasons behind the undesirable behavior(s) and proposes effective approaches that can profoundly shift a parent’s relationship with his or her child. So if you feel that your parenting skills could use a booster, Dr. Conway is the right person to help you.”

Anki Sjolund, M.S., BCBA

Behavioral Building Blocks, Inc.

“I highly recommend Dr. Conway. I’ve collaborated with her professionally for nearly five years. She’s completed numerous neuropsychological evaluations for my students and clients. Dr. Conway is, bar none, one of the most effective and professional psychometricians I have worked with. She is able to elucidate areas of a child’s functioning, providing insight and aiding in direction for my work with my clients. Dr. Conway provides quick turnaround once she receives a referral and maintains an open line of communication. This is of utmost importance for me and my clients. Dr. Conway is an invaluable resource for students, families, schools, and the community.

Gary B. Mallare, Ph. D

Clinical Psychologist – Educational Specialist
“I knew I needed professional help for my child and I was lucky enough to meet Dr. Karen Conway. From the very moment we met, I knew she was the exact help we needed. Dr. Conway has an amazing disposition allowing parents the space to be heard and providing the calm when we can’t see it (through our tears). I know we have assembled a team led by Dr. Conway that will ensure our child is prepared for kindergarten and will succeed. There is no way I can properly thank you enough!”

Parent of a 4-year-old little boy

“Thanks Karen – it’s really amazing the transformation I’ve seen in my son. You have been such an incredible gift to us – I was just reading some of the notes I took when our son was having such a terrible time and I can’t believe how different he is now. He is so much happier and the whole house is more peaceful. And we owe much of it to you, so thank you!”

Parent of a 6-year-old little boy

“Karen, thank you so much for taking the time to test our daughter. In the past, we weren’t able to figure out what was going on and why she was struggling at school and was constantly irritable. Your test battery did the trick! You were so patient and supportive to us and our daughter, we now have accommodations for our daughter at school and she is doing well and is proud of herself for the first time in a very long time. Thank you so much for everything!”

Parent of a 14-year-old boy

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