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Psychological Testing at Coastal Psychological Group

Psychological testing can take on many different forms depending on the referral question and the needs of each individual being assessed. At Coastal Psychological Group, assessments are tailored to meet the needs of individuals ranging from 2 years of age to adulthood. Our Psychologists believe that the actual testing process itself is only half of the recipe for success; the other half is in accessing and implementing the appropriate supports so that each individual can reach their true potential.

Our Psychologists are well connected within the professional community and can assist in the facilitation of necessary support(s) for each individual. In an effort to capture each individual’s optimal level of performance, testing takes place over the course of several days. Our Psychologists ensure that you can fully understand the extensive report provided to you and how to implement an effective treatment plan. Our Psychologists attend IEP and 504 meetings to assist with the development of goals and academic accommodations and are successful in securing Regional Center services for those children in need.

We offer IQ tests for kids, learning disability and ADHD testing, autism screenings and more from our office in Woodland Hills. Also serving Calabasas, Encino, Sherman Oaks and the surrounding communities.

Neuropsychological Testing

Refers to in-depth assessment that enables an understanding of your child’s brain function and how it pertains to learning and behavior. Multiple areas are assessed such as learning differences, inattentiveness, hyperactivity, executive functioning, language disorders, autism spectrum disorders, intellectual disabilities, auditory and visual processing disorders, and visual-motor challenges. The evaluation results in recommendations for specific interventions and supports to address your child’s needs at home and at school.

Psycho-educational Testing

Refers to gaining an understanding of your child’s intellectual ability and academic skill level so that learning challenges and strengths can be identified. A battery of tests is used to provide a road map to how your child thinks, reasons, and processes information, resulting in recommendations to support your child in and outside of school.

Educational Accommodations Testing

Refers to assessment that determines if students with documented disabilities meet the eligibility criteria on College Board (SAT) and ACT exams for accommodations. A comprehensive test battery is administered to determine the disability and whether it results in a functional impairment of the student’s ability to participate in the exam. We collaborate with your child’s school to ensure that all of the necessary documentation is provided to the College Board and ACT. Accommodations Testing is also offered to students in elementary, middle, and high school to determine if they would benefit from accommodations and/or curriculum modifications.

Autism Testing (Autism Spectrum Disorder)

Is designed to assess for multiple domains of functioning and behavior. All Psychologists in our Group are certified to administer the Autism Diagnostic and Observation Scales, Second Edition, (ADOS-2), a measure often required by Insurance Companies and Regional Centers to determine eligibility for ABA and other supportive services.

Psycho-diagnostic testing

Refers to assessing an individual’s emotions, personality style, and personal relationship issues. Such evaluations result in diagnostic clarification, treatment planning, career planning, and an understanding of why one might be experiencing challenges in a variety of aspects of life so that the individual can begin to make positive life changes.

Psychological Testing from a Psychologist in Woodland Hills

Independent Education Evaluation (IEE)

Refers to an evaluation performed by a professional who is not affiliated with the child’s school. For example, if a parent does not agree with the services offered by their child’s school district, the need for an IEE may come into play. Often times the school district or a special education attorney recommend such an evaluation. The evaluation results in specific recommendations so that the student receives an appropriate education in the least restrictive environment.

Gifted Testing (IQ Tests for Kids)

Refers to IQ testing to determine if your child is eligible to make application to various gifted educational programs. Dr. Conway is one of the psychologists on the Testing Referral List for The Mirman School. The Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scales of Intelligence Fourth Edition (WWPSI-IV) is administered to children under the age of 6-years-old and the Wechsler Intelligence Scales for Children, Fifth Edition (WISC-V) is administered to children between the ages of 6 to 15. Parents will receive a comprehensive report. The cost of IQ testing is $600.00.

Kids Therapy and Testing


Adult Testing

Is designed to help diagnose and clarify concerns regarding challenges at work and/or school, in personal relationships, and with mood regulation. Such testing can result in putting words to your difficulties and set you on a path to a happier and healthier life. 

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