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Our process helps you resolve problematic behaviors, beliefs, feelings, and relationship issues. Beginning can be a big step toward being a healthier and happier version of yourself – no matter what challenges you may be facing. At Coastal Psychological Group we will help you change self-destructive behaviors and habits, resolve painful feelings, improve your relationships, and more. Our process is typically solution-focused, short-term, and tailored to meet your unique needs.

Woodland Hills Therapy

Woodland Hills Therapy Child

Woodland Hills Child Therapy

Our therapists are trained in a variety of evidence-based treatment modalities and will tailor a treatment plan to meet your child’s unique needs…

Woodland Hills Therapy Teen

Teen Therapy

If you are contemplating treatment for your teen, err on the side of caution and contact us…

Woodland Hills Therapy Adult

Adult Therapy

If you would like to explore and improve your emotional, behavioral, and relationship functioning, we can help you at Coastal Psychological Group…

We also offer registered dog therapy: visit our Woodland Hills therapy dog page and learn more about our prized therapy dog named Cooper

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